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I bring a practical point of view to criminal and family law cases.

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Assistance in criminal charges and family disputes in Westmoreland and Indiana Counties

Andrew F. Skala
Andrew F. Skala, Esquire

You Deserve Fair And Firm Guidance

When you are facing tough legal decisions with life-changing consequences, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get the facts. At my firm, Andrew F. Skala, Esq., I want to review your options and give you honest, practical advice on how to proceed. I believe that a straightforward and direct approach brings my clients the most success, no matter if they are struggling with a family issue or criminal charge.

Knowledgeable, Personalized Support

I work with my clients at every point in the process from start to finish. I speak to them in an initial consultation, notify them on any updates in the process and will be by their side if the case goes to court. In that event, my clients can rest assured knowing they have representation from an attorney who has been involved in an extensive amount of courtroom trials and understands the nuances of a trial.

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